Do You Have What It Takes? Be a Rocky Hill Volunteer Firefighter. Be an everyday hero.The Town of Rocky Hill is currently looking for volunteers interested in becoming firefighters. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. Guidelines for the position are listed on this page; for more information email Rocky Hill Fire Department Recruitment.

Job Description

  • Responds to a minimum of 23% of alarms or other emergencies that their company is called to
  • Reports to company officer for instructions
  • Performs all duties as outlined in standard operating procedures and guidelines
  • Performs any other duties as assigned by officers
  • Assumes responsibility for inspection, servicing and maintenance of fire equipment
  • Will be trained to drive and operate station fire apparatus
  • Participates in at least 50% of assigned training and instructional programs
  • Completes 100% of assigned CORE training in given time period
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • A new firefighter must serve a probationary period of at least 6 months
  • All firefighters must have a valid and current driver's license at all times
  • Once the incident has ended they shall remain in their station unless excused by a superior officer and shall return with apparatus from fires, alarms or drills to the fire station
  • Shall be assigned to a station and subordinate to the ranking of officers of the Department
  • Shall be engaged in preventing, controlling, extinguishing fires, and shall give aid in the saving of lives
  • Shall follow the operating standards, policies and practices as prescribed by the Chief of the Department
  • All new volunteers are expected to attain a minimum of Firefighter Level 1 within two years of date of hire
  • Must have graduated from or be in attendance of an accredited high school (or have GED certification)
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass a minimum physical examination


Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving drugs, theft or sex offenses will be grounds for rejection of the applicant.