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Special Announcement:

Based upon the information available and actions being taken around us relating to COVID-19, Town Manager John Mehr has announced the closing the Rocky Hill Senior Center effective this Monday, March 16, thereby cancelling all programs and activities as well as the lunch program. The mini bus program will continue provide service for doctors' appointments, banking, and grocery store shopping. The food pantry will keep its regular hours for those that use this service. Click here to read the complete official statement.

"Connecticut Statutes mandate that a Municipal Agent be appointed for each of the 169 towns in Connecticut. Municipal Agents (MAs) assist elders within their towns by disseminating information regarding the available community resources and potential benefits. They make referrals to a wide variety of services and benefit programs and help older adults apply for government programs." (source:


The Senior Services division employs a Municipal Agent for the Elderly who assists the seniors in our community helping them to determine the best resources and benefits available to them. The Municipal Agent meets with residents and screens for federal and state programs that fit their individual needs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare Savings Program and SNAP.

Areas of assistance include, but are not limited to:  managing cost of prescription medication; finding a care giver; income assistance; health and wellness screenings;  transportation services; as well as assisting with finding appropriate housing.  Small group sessions are held at the Senior Center on topics relevant to Rocky Hill's senior residents.  The Municipal Agent will also counsel veterans and/or their spouses in order to educate them on programs available to those who served in our armed forces. 

Seniors are encouraged to join the Rocky Hill Senior Center to take advantage of additional programs.  Membership is free and provides access to weekday lunches, health services, trips, clubs and activities.

Contact Information

     Town of Rocky Hill
     699 Old Main St.
     Rocky Hill, CT 

Melissa Hicks, Director of Human, Youth and Senior Services

PHONE:   860-258-2724

Nicole DiClemente

Administrative Assistant for Human Services

PHONE:  860-258-2793

Kristina Mattera
Case Manager

PHONE: 860-258-2021
FAX:  860-258-2796

Charlene Mehr
Transportation & Volunteer Coordinator

PHONE: 860-258-2701
FAX:  860-258-2796
HOURS: Monday - Friday
  8:00am – 2:00pm

Denise Sanderson, Elderly Services Coordinator / Municipal Agent for the Elderly

PHONE: 860-258-2786
FAX:  860-258-2796
HOURS: Monday - Friday
  8:30am - 4:30pm


Lori Stanczyc, Youth Services Coordinator

PHONE: 860-258-2718
HOURS:  Varies




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