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Emergency Managment Cycle webThe Town of Rocky Hill Office of Emergency Management is responsible for planning and coordinating actions of emergency services and town agencies to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or man-made disasters that affect citizens and businesses within the Town of Rocky Hill. Through planning and training we prepare and provide guidance to responding personnel to protect the lives and property of the citizens, businesses, employees, and visitors.

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As you look through these Emergency Management webpages, we encourage you to review the information and take steps for you and your family to Be Informed, Get / Make a Kit, Make a Plan, and take a look at some of the preparedness information that is available on other Helpful Websites.

The Town of Rocky Hill is vulnerable to many types of disasters. These disasters may be natural or manmade in nature. The following are examples of incidents that may occur:

Natural disasters
Snowstorm or blizzards, ice storm, rainstorm, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, water source contamination, droughts, freezing temperatures, heat waves, and fires.

Manmade disasters
Fires, hazardous materials accidents, auto accidents, train accidents, aircraft accidents, fuel shortages, bridge failures/collapses, building collapses, public utilities failure, civil unrest, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear), and terrorist events.

The Office of Emergency Management works with local, state, and Federal government partners to achieve a common goal of preparedness. The office is an active partner with the Capitol Region Emergency Planning Committee and the State of Connecticut Region 3 Office of Emergency Management.

The Office of Emergency Management manages the Town of Rocky Hill Emergency Operations Plan, the Emergency Operations Center, and development and distribution of Emergency Management information to the public.

Town of Rocky Hill Office of Emergency Management follows the 4 phases of Emergency Management and its ongoing processes:

The primary goal of mitigation is to reduce loss of life and property by decreasing the impact of disasters. This can be achieved by state and local regulations or ordinances, land use and building practices, and projects that either remove or reduce the risk from hazards and their effects. Mitigation, by reducing the impacts of a disaster it may also lessen the demand for resources. During this phase, After Action Reviews will be utilized to update and improve response plans. These After Action Reports should identify weaknesses or failures in previous response or operations.

This phase includes developing plans to ensure the most effective, efficient response prior to an event. Also any activity taken in advance of an emergency to develop, support and enhance operational capabilities, and to recover from an emergency situation.

Any action taken immediately before, during, or after an emergency situation to reduce casualties, save lives, minimize damage to property, and enhance the effectiveness and speed of recovery.

Once the immediate threat to life and property has passed and appropriate response operations conducted, steps will be taken in an attempt of rapid recovery to return to normalcy. Recovery operations may begin concurrently with response operations. There may be different rates of recovery in different areas of town based on the severity of the event and its impact. Recovery activities may include coordination with the state and federal government for administering state and federal assistance.


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Welcome to the home of Rocky Hill Emergency Management. Please review the information on these pages to help you and your family become informed about potential emergencies that could occur and how to best prepare for them. Be informed and make a plan.
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Richard Renstrom
Director of Emergency Management
3050 Main Street Rocky Hill, CT 06067

James Belanger
Deputy Director of Emergency Management
699 Old Main Street Rocky Hill CT 06067


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