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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Library Jennifer Amo Office Manager jamo@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7625
Public Works Tony Aresco Head Mechanic taresco@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7630
Economic Development Raymond Carpentino Director rcarpentino@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7717
Parks and Recreation Rita Chhabra Administrative Assistant rchhabra@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2772
Community Development Services James Sollmi Director jsollmi@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2762
Building Michael Violette Building Official mviolette@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7673
Building Elton Mancura Mechanical Inspector emancura@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2745
Building Lynne Witowski Administrative Assistant lwitowski@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2733
Engineering Steve Sopelak Town Engineer ssopelak@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7672
Engineering Gene Salvatore Inspector gsalvatore@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7671
Community Development Services Christina Soulagnet Administrative Assistant csoulagnet@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2733
Planning and Zoning Kim Ricci Town Planner kricci@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2761
Wetlands Bob Alvarado Engineering Tech balvarado@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2734
Facilities Management Phil Cyr Director of Facilities pcyr@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7669
Facilities Management Steve Parent HVAC sparent@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7667
I.T. John Nowakowski Director of I.T. jnowakowski@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7649
I.T. Larry Coviello IT Tech lcoviello@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7678
I.T. John Murphy Media and Communications Coordinator jmurphy@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7650
I.T. Jason Orsini IT Tech jorsini@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7654
Town Manager's Office John Mehr Town Manager jmehr@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2720
Finance Mona McKim Treasurer mmckim@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7711
Finance Kristin Olzacki-Owen Accounts Payable kolzacki@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2712
Finance Hope Mathis Payroll hmathis@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2775
Human Resources Dana McGee Director dmcgee@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7651
Human Services Melissa Hicks Director mhicks@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2724
Human Services Lori Stanczyc Youth Services Coordinator lstanczyc@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2718
Human Services Nicole DiClemente Administrative Assistant ndiclemente@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2793
Human Services Charlene Mehr PT Mini Bus Dispatcher chmehr@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2701
Library Mary Hogan Director mhogan@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7621
Parks and Recreation Nicholas Pizzoferrato Aquatics Supervisor npizzoferrato@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2784
Human Services Gina Marino Senior Services Director dsanderson@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2788
Human Resources Camille Carney Human Resources Assistant ccarney@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7651
Parks and Recreation Walt Sykes Crew Leader wskyes@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2772
Custodial Services Jamie Gutowski Head Custodian jagutowski@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7663
Assessor Stuart Topliff Assessor stopliff@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2773
Assessor Brendan Moriarty Tech Assistant bmoriarty@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2722
Assessor Diana Glynn Tech Assistant dglynn@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2722
Tax Collector Elaine McKim Tax Collector emckim@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2776
Tax Collector Rebecca Parent Tech Assistant rparent@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2717
Town Clerk Sandra Wieleba Town Clerk swieleba@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2755
Town Clerk Robin Webster Assistant Town Clerk rwebster@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2705
Tax Collector Gerri Winnick Tech Assistant gwinnick@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2717
Town Clerk Samile Keeler Assistant Town Clerk skeeler@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2705
Registrar of Voters Pugliese Tom Republican Registrar tpugliese@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2760
Registrar of Voters Don Francis Democratic Registrar dfrancis@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2768
Registrar of Voters Phil Theroux Democratic Deputy Registrar ptheroux@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2759
Registrar of Voters Angelina Nicolini Republican Deputy Registrar anicolini@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2764
EMS Services Joe Grayeb Chief jgrayeb@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7613
EMS Services Vivian Grayeb Deputy Chief vallen@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7613
Fire Michael Garrahy Chief mgarrahy@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7605
Fire Dave Kromas Assistant Chief dkromas@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7603
Fire Mark Gentile Deputy Chief mgentile@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7603
Fire Richard Renstrom Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal rrenstrom@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7604
Fire Frank Kelley Deputy Marshal/Staff Captain fkelley@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7604
Fire James Lamarre Fire Mechanic jlamarre@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7603
Fire Steve Wilson Fire Mechanic swilson@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7603
Fire Jo-Anne Booth Administrative Assistant jbooth@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7603
Fire Brian Stevens Captain - Fire Station #1 bstevens@rockyhillct.gov
Fire Robert Walker Deputy Chief rwalker@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7603
Fire Wally Silva Captain - Fire Station #2 wsilva@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7602
Fire Edward Partridge Captain - Fire Station #3 (HQ) epartridge@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7603
Fire John Arcari Captain - Fire Police jarcari@rockyhillct.gov
Police Michael Custer Chief mcuster@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7636
Police Brian Klett Lieutenant bklett@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Erik Gutsfeld Lieutenant egutsfeld@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Steve Morgan Sergeant smorgan@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police James Onofrio Sergeant jonofrio@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Mark Rudewicz Sergeant mrudewicz@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Joe Phelps Lieutenant jphelps@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Teri Gustafson Administrative Assistant tgustafson@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2704
Police . Records Division records@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2783
Town Manager's Office Daniel Beaulieu Executive Assistant to the Town Manager dbeaulieu@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2700
Building Department Steve Kardys Assistant Building Official skardys@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7676
Human Services Erinn Smolowitz Human Services Case Manager esmolowitz@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2021
Public Works Joseph Lentini Highway Superintendent jlentini@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7709
Parks and Recreation Logan Gauvin Recreation Supervisor lgauvin@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2736
Planning and Zoning David Palmberg Assistant Town Planner / Zoning Enforcement Officer dpalmberg@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7675
Police Jeff Foss-Rugan Sergeant jfoss-rugan@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Joseph Smith Sergeant jsmith@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Nicholas Denovellis Sergeant ndenovellis@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Police Laura Carta Sergeant lcarta@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7640
Parks and Recreation Pamela Harrison Office Assistant pharrison@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-2795
Parks and Recreation Craig Bowman Director cbowman@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7664
Facilities Management Dennis Paiva Electrician dpaiva@rockyhillct.gov 860-258-7693

Contact Information

logo6 Town of Rocky Hill
 761 Old Main St.
 Rocky Hill, Ct 06067

PHONE:    860-258-2700 
HOURS:   Monday - Friday 
  8:30am - 4:30pm 



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