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1. What is a revaluation?
2. Why is revaluation needed?
3. Who is responsible for the revaluation?
4. What happens during revaluation?
5. What is the definition of market value?
6. How will the homeowner be notified of the new assessment?
7. If homeowners disagree with the assessment, what are their options?
8. What is an informal hearing?
9. If after an informal hearing, the homeowner still disagrees with the assessment, what is the next step?
10. How does a homeowner apply for an appeal with the board of assessment appeals?
11. What should homeowners bring to the Board of Assessment Appeals?
12. How can a homeowner compare how other properties have been valued?
13. What other resources are available in the Assessment Office?
14. What is the next step after a Board of Assessment Appeal if a homeowner still disagrees with the property value?