1. Engineering Department to introduce new Online Street Excavation Permitting Software

    Beginning Friday, December 1, 2023, Street Excavation Permits will be online. Read on...
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The Engineering Division falls under the jurisdiction of the Community Services Department. The Division is responsible for:

  • Provides in-house surveys, design plans, specifications and cost estimates for proposed capital improvement projects which may include roadways, sidewalks, storm drainage, curbing, drainage culverts, bridges and traffic signals.
  • Administers the current $10,000,000 Road Referendum Project for pavement analysis, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
  • Administers the annual sidewalk repair program that provides funding for repairs to existing sidewalks and to fill in gaps in the Town's sidewalk network.
  • Provides engineering design and surveying services to other departments in Town for Wetland, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning and Zoning approvals.
  • Conducts construction inspection and project management of capital improvement projects.
  • Issuance and inspection of all street excavations issued to private contractors through a permit process.
  • Performs reviews of proposed developments by private developers for conformance with Town design standards and to determine effects on public infrastructure and private property.
  • Conducts construction inspection of new developments that will become part of the Town's infrastructure.
  • In conjunction with the Wetlands Division, administration and implementation of the Town's Stormwater Management Plan, which includes provisions for preventing stormwater pollution within the Town's network of catch basins and storm drains.