What are the ways I can pay my tax bill?

Option 1

Pay by electronic check or by debit/credit card via our Online Portal. There is a convenience fee for a credit card of 2.50% of the transaction amount and a flat transaction fee for a debit card of $3.95. There is no fee for paying by electronic check. Convenience fees are nonrefundable.

Option 2

Mail payment in the enclosed return envelope.

Option 3

Payments can be placed in the Town Hall drop box. The drop box is located at the main entrance to Town Hall located at 761 Old Main Street. Payments must be received by midnight of the due date. No cash payments are accepted in the drop box.

Option 4

Paying in person. There can be long lines in the Tax Office during collection months. For fastest service when paying in person, have your tax bill with you and your check filled out. Write your bill number(s) on your check. You may also "drop off" payments at the tax office drop box located at the door of the main entrance to the Town Hall.

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