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Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.  By creating an account, you are able to save your progress when completing online forms, customize the types of alerts that are sent directly to your inbox , and more.  To create an account, we only require your first name, last name, and email address. No other personally identifiable information is needed, and we will not share your information with anyone. Get started here by creating your account / profile.

Sign Up to Receive Alerts via "Notify Me"

Notify MeMany departments have incorporated a "News Flash" feature on the department home page. The website Home Page also has a "News and Announcements" section that contains important, timely, town-wide information. You can periodically visit our website to check for new information or you can have it delivered directly to you! Visit the "Notify Me" page where you can select from the different categories of news, alerts, and calendar events that you can subscribe to. 

SMS_EmailLook for these icons that allow you to receive alerts via email or SMS text message, or both. If you have the GoRockyHill app installed, you can also receive notifications via the app.  Please see more information below.

Report a Concern with the Citizen Request Tracker

What is it?

Report a ConcernThe Town of Rocky Hill Citizen Request Tracker (CRT) is a tool that can be used to communicate with town staff regarding a non-emergency requests for service. This system is user friendly and helps us manage citizen requests more effectively, to make it easier for you to report problems and to give you confirmation that your request was received, is being reviewed, is being addressed, and that it has been closed out. You can review your request at any time by simply logging into the Citizen Request Tracker….it's that easy.

Why do I log In?

When you want to have your request addressed, the Citizen Request Tracker will prompt you to log in with your account or create an account if you are a new user. What this actually does is start a file for you, for your request, and allows Town staff to communicate with you regarding that particular request via e-mail.

Who gets my request?

The Citizen Request Tracker is designed to send each request to the appropriate Town staff that can properly address your request. Each request submitted will be followed by a confirmation email verifying that your request has been submitted to Town staff and a staff member will respond.

Why do this, can't I just call the Town?

The Citizen Request Tracker is a designed to assist the Town of Rocky Hill staff to serve its citizens in a more professional, efficient, and timely manner. This system provides for the documentation and processing of each request as well as the ability of additional Town staff to monitor the progress at any time. The system also provides the ability to upload a photo of the issue you are concerned about. Please know that our goal is to serve the citizens of Rocky Hill in the most efficient and effective manner.

GoRockyHill Smartphone App

The Town of Rocky Hill has developed the municipal smartphone application (app) GoRockyHill to improve our communication with the residents, especially to enhance our ability to notify people of important information as it is released. Some of the features of the app are:

  • Notifications and alerts
  • Residents can opt-in and manage the types of notifications they receive
  • Resident issue reporting
  • Fingertip access to calendars, agendas, and events

App Store Preview

Notifications via the GoRockyHill app

In addition to signing up on the website to receive email and text message news and alerts, you can choose to receive notifications directly to your phone via the GoRockyHill app. Depending on the settings on your phone, you may see the app notifications more prominently. For instance, if you do not have your phone set to show incoming emails or text messages as notifications, you can have the option to show app notifications.

App Gear

From inside the app, select the "GEAR MENU".  Here is where you can select which alerts, events, and news will be sent to you as a notification.  If you have created a profile on the website, you will also see which of these you have selected to be sent to you as an email or text as well. You do not need a website profile to receive these notifications if you have the GoRockyHill app installed.

App Preferences

App Notifications

Please check back to this page in the near future. We will have new information that features installations tips,  how to subscribe to and manage notifications, a demonstration of the Citizen Request Tracker, and more!

Download GoRockyHill for your phone's operating system. 

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