Animal Control

The Rocky Hill Police Department's Animal Control Officers (ACO) are assigned to the patrol division. They are dedicated part-time officers who are responsible for the enforcement of state and local laws pertaining to domestic and wild animals. Animal Control Officers investigate animal cruelty complaints, animal attacks and bites to humans and animals.

ACOs respond to emergencies involving sick or seriously injured domestic animals as well as potential human exposures to the rabies virus.

Nuisance Wildlife

Each ACO is knowledgeable about what kinds of wildlife you may encounter in your neighborhood. In the case of nuisance wildlife issues Animal Control can only advise or direct homeowners of what may be done. Animal Control does not respond to nuisance wildlife complaints. However, Animal Control will respond to any sick or injured animal.

Advice on dealing with nuisance wildlife can be found on the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website.

Preventative Measures

Many homeowners do not know just how easy it is to prevent an unwanted animal from living in their yard. In most cases the average homeowner may prevent nuisance wildlife by simply keeping yards clean, garbage cans secured, garage doors closed and window screens in good shape.

Any raised structure should be secured to prevent wildlife from residing under the structure. Unused pet houses should be inspected periodically to determine if any animal(s) have taken up residency. It is critical that pet food not be left outdoors, any pet food that is kept outdoors during the day should be brought inside in the evening.

Police Department

In the event that an Animal Control Officer is not available the Police Department will do their best to respond to these kinds of calls. Please be patient as they must also respond to other community emergencies.