Collective Bargaining Units

The Department of Human Resources and Legal Compliance partners with all other municipal departments to align the municipal organization's most valuable resources - its employees - with organizational values and goals, while fostering an environment where employees are provided with training and professional development opportunities and prepared for career advancement.

Human Resources and Legal Compliance maintains an open door policy across all levels and work groups and values its relationships with union leaders and employee representatives across all collective bargaining units. The Department strives to cultivate collegial, joint problem-solving efforts which lead to improvements in personnel systems and increased morale and productivity across all departments.

Human Resources and Legal Compliance's labor relations work includes preparing successor contract proposals for negotiations, updating job descriptions, and fielding questions from supervisors and union representatives regarding compensation and the classification system. Human Resources and Legal Compliance also assists in formal and informal mediation with employee relations between the Town's members of collective bargaining units and its directors. It is important to the Town to balance the needs of employees with other stakeholders (including Taxpayers) while creating healthy and productive work environments.

Non-Bargaining Employees

Employees who are not represented by any bargaining unit are considered "Non-Bargaining employees," and the terms and conditions of their employment are set forth in the Personnel Rules (PDF).

Non- Bargaining Employees Benefit Guide