New Hire Information

The Department of Human Resources encourages acclimating new employees to the culture of the organization in order to expedite organizational learning and employee productivity in a minimum period of time.


In compliance with state laws and regulations, Human Resources recommends the new hire orientation to be completed for every new employee hired by the Town in all positions. The orientation should be held within the first three days of employment, during paid working hours for all employees and generally discusses conditions of employment, any additional paperwork required, expectations, and miscellaneous items as needed.

New employee orientation is a collaborative effort between Human Resources and the Hiring Manager. Human Resources is responsible for the general orientation of new employees. This includes the processing of new hire paperwork and the discussion of payroll procedures, employee benefits, workers' compensation and general employee policies/procedures. Human Resources contacts the Information Technology Department who is responsible for setting up all electronic accounts and network operations for a new hire.

Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Inter and intra-departmental introductions
  • Introduction to the job (e.g. job duties, work space, performance expectations, etc.),
  • On-the-job training methods, systems, techniques and equipment
  • Other miscellaneous duties

Questions & Concerns

You may contact Human Resources at any time with questions or concerns. This page includes many documents below which are useful for a new employee for the Town of Rocky Hill.

New Hire Forms