Hazardous Waste Collection

Hazardous waste cannot be simply thrown out with the trash, flushed, or poured down the drain because it passes the problem along to the environment, polluting the air and the water. The MDC sponsors a Hazardous Waste Program to collect the waste and dispose of it through safe, environmentally responsible practices.

Sign reading Household HazWaste Collection Registration Please Stay in Your Car No SmokingHazardous Waste Collection Day

View the 2024 MDC Household Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule and Locations (PDF). Collections are held on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  See the 2024 information packet (PDF) for detailed guidelines.

  • Limit one person per vehicle.
  • Remain in your vehicle at all times.
  • Keep your windows rolled up.
  • Be ready to place driver's license against window for proof of residency.
  • Place only the waste items you want removed in the trunk of your vehicle. Remove all other items.
  • Workers will remove the contents and will be in full safety gear.
  • Fuel containers will not be emptied and returned.

Program Overview

Each spring and fall, the MDC conducts a regional household hazardous waste collection program at a series of local sites in member and non-member towns. The program offers a number of benefits to residents and municipalities:

  • Residents have the opportunity to participate in a collection day in their respective towns as well as in other collections throughout the year.
  • Participating municipalities enjoy financial savings from the effect of pooling under a single contract the services of a licensed hazardous waste management firm.
  • The contractor assumes full responsibility for the collection, transportation and proper disposal of hazardous waste items.

For more information visit the MDC website.