Snow Removal

Snow Removal by Residents

Residents are responsible for removal of snow and ice from premises where there is an established sidewalk within 12 hours after a storm ends or within 12 hours after sunrise, whichever is later. The whole walk must be cleared, including curb cuts, handicapped ramps, and bus stop pads, etc.

Sidewalks should be sanded whenever ice cannot be removed. Do not place snow from your sidewalk and/or driveway into the street. Violators are subject to a per day fine plus liability for the cost of clearing the sidewalk, if necessary, per Town Ordinance 212-21.

It is also illegal to put snow into the street. Barrels for collection must also be kept out of the streets.

Snow Removal by the Town

Main streets and areas around schools (when they are in session) are plowed first and then residential streets. The reasons are:

  • The main streets carry the most traffic volume
  • We want the ingress to and egress from the schools to be as safe as possible

It takes us up to 8 hours to completely clear a snow plow route. Several streets in the town are the responsibility of the State Department of Transportation and are not plowed by the Town.

The Fire Department is responsible for fire hydrants except those which are part of private fire suppression systems (typically in commercial developments). Any assistance by abutting property owners would helpful and appreciated.

Public Sand

There are public sand supplies located in Town for residential use only at the Town Garage on the corner of Old Forge Road and Walnut Road.  Sand is available from Dec. 15th to April 1st during regular hours of operation.